"Let's win this war!" - Mason, 1865
Mason Mile1s
Mason Miles, né Kenway (March 5, 1835 - December 21, 1924) was an American assassin who was active in the period of 1849 - 1883. His son was Jason Miles and his grandson - John Miles. He was the first from the Miles family and its founder.

Early Life (1835 - 1849)Edit

Mason was born on March 5, 1835 with the surname Kenway. He lived a normal childhood. He was going to school from 1842 - 1853. His father was Jack Kenway.

Surname Change (1855)Edit

In the summer of 1855, when he was 20 years old, he went to the City Hall and changed his surname to Miles. He had to hide his real identity to save his family from his enemies.

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